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MOS Safeguards

From experience, we see that many devices are supplied in a protective case for transporting them safely, but unfortunately do not provide security while in use.
Our area of expertise is in securing and enhancing the ease of use of devices/instruments while performing work.

While developing this design, we mainly looked at the use of the device in practice and focused on the following pillars: Being able to work hands-free, fall safety, annual inspection and providing extra protection against dirt and dust, impactproof and protecting against splash water.

To cover the above points on safety and usability, we were able to realise the following solutions in the design of the GUARD FL23™:

Five stars for MOS Safeguards. The protective cover is simply fantastic in practice.


MOS Safeguards delivers on its promise. The protective cover is exceptionally handy


MOS Safeguards is a must-have accessory. The protective cover is genuinely brilliant


Seriously impressed with MOS Safeguards. The protective cover is a real game-changer


Impressed by the practicality of MOS Safeguards. The protective cover is a must-have!


MOS Safeguards is a game-changer! The protective cover is incredibly convenient for everyday use


MOS Safeguards exceeded my expectations. The protective cover is sleek and functional


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